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Our firm has inspected, analyzed, and designed thousands of footings for homes in our area. Client requirements range from simply verifying virgin soils on undisturbed sites to addressing unsuitable soils requiring the design  of footings utilizing washed stone replacement, spread footings, or reinforced concrete grade beams supported on helical piers.

We provide geotechnical services including footing, foundation, and retaining wall design, and field inspections to verify, analyze, and determine a foundation solution that is the most cost-effective and provides the best support for the structure based on the specific site conditions.  Our geotechnical engineering services also include testing and monitoring the placement of controlled fill for residential and light commercial structures to confirm the soil is properly compacted.

We specialize in designing foundations for difficult building sites.  We can perform borings and test the existing soil to determine what method of footing construction would be most suitable for your lot prior to construction so that the most feasible and and economical solution can be implemented without costly delays and mistakes.  This process allows the designer to make cost-saving changes to the plan.  Also, we can verify the condition of the soil at the bottom of newly excavated footings to ensure the soil has the required bearing capacity for the structure.

Due to the nature of the underlying clay soils typical in the Piedmont region of North Carolina many homes experience foundation cracking.  Using our experience, as well as accurate soil testing methods we can assess the cracking in the foundation and determine if the soil beneath the footings is suitable or if a repair method is warranted to permanently stabilize the structure.  All solutions are designed to be logical, minimally destructive, and cost effective for the builder or homeowner.

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